A key aspect of setting up Emma Miller’s website was in creating a good way to demonstrate her different books. Also, the feel of the website needed to reflect the values of the characters in her books: wholesome, family-centered, faith-based, and hard-working. To get the opening shot of the website, I worked with Russell Shakespeare, a photographer whose kitchen table had a beautiful unfinished woodgrain. This is the kind of kitchen table at which Emma’s characters would meet for meals. A surprise bonus for Emma Miller’s site was the addition of an audio recording of the first chapter of one of her books. When the creativity flows, it’s time to seize the day! The play button below on this page actually works. Give it a listen.


  • Coordinated with photographers to obtain key photography that fit the vision and values of Emma Miller’s Amish characters
  • Concept and implement visual language of Emma Miller: Logo, colors, hand-scripted text, and photo editing
  • Performed and recorded a reading of the first chapter of one of Emma Miller’s books
  • Made website wireframe, mockup, and final layout & design
  • Performed SEO strategy with long-tail search keywords
  • Hardened website to hacks, set up security scanning, and established off-site daily backups
  • Set up hosting on my VPS with solid state hard drives

Visit Emma Miller’s website: www.EmmaMillerNovels.com