Conveying the charm and wisdom of Juliette and Jonathan was a no brainer: video. Show expectant parents what it’s like to be in a class with them. As for everything else on the site, we needed to demonstrate key aspects of the class and how they could sign up for it.


  • Coordinated with local Los Angeles photographers to obtain key photography that fit the vision and values of the Labor Together class
  • Concept and implement visual language of Labor Together: Logo, colors, hand-scripted text, and photo editing
  • Performed and recorded the musical soundtrack for the Labor Together video
  • Made website wireframe, mockup, and final layout & design
  • Performed SEO strategy with long-tail search keywords
  • Hardened website to hacks, set up security scanning, and established off-site daily backups
  • Set up hosting on my VPS with solid state hard drives

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