Noventa Learning needed to display the philosophy behind their math app as well as how it can be implemented in daily life. I worked with the founders of the company to outline the key features of their asian immigrant work ethic, and then we created several values-centered statements for the home page. I put together a video of a child using the app at the breakfast table to demonstrate how doing math drills is best done as part of daily routine.


  • Shot and obtained key photography that fit the vision and values of Noventa Learning
  • Concept and implement visual language of Noventa: colors, typography, and photo editing
  • Created compelling website copy to tell the story of Noventa Learning
  • Shot and edited video to create movement spaces for website and to display value of the Noventa app
  • Made website wireframe, mockup, and final layout & design
  • Performed SEO strategy with long-tail search keywords

Visit Noventa website: