Featured Case Study: Pointworks Academy

The UX process at Useagility is well-developed and benefits from the fact that all of this is happening in a company whose sole focus is the user's experience. If you are a stakeholder interested in establishing good UX, then all the tools are available to you.

Useagility found that many of their clients wanted to have their own internal UX process and people to follow it, however, the talent pool needed growth, so Useagility started a UX training company and called it Pointworks Academy. I was integral in the naming process, creation of branding, and development of creative assets.

Developing the Color Palette

The original color palette for Pointworks Academy was yellow and grey, yet key stakeholders wanted more options for marketing purposes. The challenge was to find colors that were agreeable to everyone, so I gathered some ideas about directions we could go.

● My abridged presentation is to the right.

● The color palette stakeholders chose is below.



While the great color decision of 2017 was going on, wireframes were getting developed. We also tested the wireframes. Here are some of the steps outlined:

  • Made two different wireframes
  • Wrote up a research guide
  • Developed a recruitment screener
  • Scheduled and tested the two wireframes with 12 participants
  • Recorded the conversations to help compile findings
  • Presented findings in a read-out with the whole team
  • Wireframes fine tuned and ready for visual design

Visual Design - 4 Different Home Page Designs

Throughout the process of research > strategy > Interaction Design > Testing we have had the opportunity to design several comps for the wireframes. Here are four I have created.


Style Tiles

Useagility does style tiles to help frame the key elements of a visual design. Here are two style tiles I have developed for our project.


Thanks for reviewing this case and hanging in there till the end. You have sticktoitiveness. Can you believe that's a word? Wild, right? Someone had resolute tenacity in order to come up with something like that ;)

- Joe

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