Some websites are just so stinkin’ cute that you can’t stand it, and Wise Mama Midwifery’s is just that. I have had more interest and love come from this website than any other. Jillian had a friend who is a birth photographer, and they worked out a deal to trade photos for a recommendation. Match made in heaven. It’s a super bonus for me as the web designer, because I have all these great shots at my fingertips.


  • Coordinated with local photographer to obtain key photography that fit the vision and values of the Wise Mama Midwifery
  • Concept and implement visual language of Wise Mama Midwifery: Logo, colors, hand-scripted typography, and photo editing
  • Made website wireframe, mockup, and final layout & design
  • Performed SEO strategy with long-tail search keywords
  • Hardened website to hacks, set up security scanning, and established off-site daily backups
  • Set up hosting on my VPS with solid state hard drives
  • Implemented 3rd party email (Mailchimp) and coordinated list management and newsletter template